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This extremely fine Willam Marples Ebony and Brass Ultimatum Brace is one of the best we have seen. 


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Antique William Marples Ultimatum Brace - Circa 1850 - Very Fine

GST Included
  • This brace is one of the very early versions produced after William Marples purchased that patent from John Cartright some time after was awarded a Royal Warrant for his design on June 16th 1849.  

    Ultimatum Braces were the Rolls Royces of their day and although being extremely expensive the exotic design and manufacture of them out of ebony and brass, along with their extraordinary beauty made them very popular and very much a status symbol for the successful cabinet maker or carpenter. 


    Judging by the medallion on top of the button has seen very little use - most are worn so that the detail is impossible to see. The condition of this brass is extraordinary for its age and it possesses none of the typical looseness of rotating parts seen in most other braces of this era. The ebony is all in immaculate condition except for one or two tiny checks in the handle and body. The rotating handle and and top button still feel firm and with a drop of fine oil were able to spin freely and smoothly on their bearings. 

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