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Twiss Fine Woodwork was originally started in 1999 by Navy Veteran Phil Twiss as Ancient Oak providing restoration services in support of Old Templemore, the the family antique business.  


Operating out of Nannup, a small town nestled in the magnificent Jarrah and Marri forests in the South West of Western Australia, Phil was able to work on the repair and restoration of hundreds of antique pieces and vintage tools from the many containers imported by Old Templemore from the United Kingdom.


As local demand for bespoke furniture and Phil's passion for perfecting the skills in making beautiful furniture grew, Ancient Oak was able to branch out into designing and making artisan bespoke furniture for clients, exhibiting pieces and selling through galleries. 

When Phil is able to find time from his Project Management role in a niche Perth tech company he concentrates his time on designing and making one off and small batch run occasional pieces from his Perth Hills workshop as well along with sourcing, restoring and selling antique tools.


In special cases Twiss Fine Woodwork will also take on the occasional furniture restoration job when time permits. 

Phil Twiss
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